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Longsheng hardware manufactory


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Longsheng Hardware Products Factory located in Dongguan city Guangdong province China. Domestic products includes: furniture disassembling screws, handle screws, movement equipment screws, electric appliance screws, electronic screws, decorative lighting screws, motor screws, locomotive screws, special screws, non-standard screw. As well as its necessary use each kind of specification flat washer, nut, spring washer, cap nut, bolts, insert nuts and so on. Our factory has invested large capital to introduce the advanced equipments from Taiwan, and the ability of high-quality professionals has formed a high-quality technical management team. which facilitate us to manufacture products according to customers’ design. We aim at producing the best quality products with the most competitive price. Moreover, we offer punctual delivery and good customer service to our customers, Our factory always adheres to the motto of "quality first, customer supremacy", is it pass hard product quality and good prestige to possess. gain the customer’s trust and support. We are continuously improving ourselves to catch up with the market standard. You are much welcomed to inquire and forward us your product drawings or samples, we will offer our best price and terms at any way possible. Sincerely welcome customers new or old at home or abroad here to investigate and negotiate for cooperation.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Longsheng hardware manufactory
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: Machine screws; Self tapping screws; Self drilling screws; Wood screws; Hexagon head wood screws; 
  • Core Products Description: Machine screws; Self tapping screws; Self drilling screws; Wood screws; Hexagon head wood screws;  etc.
  • Standard list:
  • Year Established: 15
  • Annual Sales Volume:
  • Current Export Markets: Southeast Asia; Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:0

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  • Experienced in fastener industry
  • Focusing on fastener market
  • With high quality products
  • Trust worthiness and reputation
  • Having strong export team
  • 国际紧固件买家唯一认可
  • 优质中国紧固件出口厂家
  • 咨询:020-82270680